Special Projects & Restorations For Sale Peterborough Canoe
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For "Do It Yourselfer's", we have many interesting and unique boat projects. Whaler's, Canoes, Speedboats and Utilities. Right now we have Switzercraft, Hydrostream, Carlson, and Glasspar racing runabouts. Old Town, Penn Yan, Giesler and Thompson canoes. Whaler Montauk, 19 Outrage (low profile) and Custom Menemsha Skiffs. We also have one Classic Seacraft 20 hull and deck (brand new) waiting to be fit out as the Ultimate small center console. Boats, motors and trailers can be paired together to suit your needs.
Switzer ProjectHydrostream
Carlson Tunnel BeforeCarlson Tunnel After
Glasspar G3G3
Seacraft 20Low Pro Whaler
The Peterborough Canoe Restore....
This is an old boat (Pre WWII) that was used to deliver mail on a Canadian lake for forty years. I found it in a barn in Ottawa. We replaced thirteen steam bent white oak frames, the transom, the outer lower stem and keel. It was completely stripped and epoxy saturated. The bottom was skinned with light fiberglass cloth for extra strength and durability. It is a cedar planked boat with mahogany seats, transom and deck. It has butternut seat supports and outer gunwales and mahogany and butternut seat backs. Also, comes with original oars. She is fifteen feet long, fifty inches wide and is considered a freight canoe. She planes with two people and a Johnson 10 hp easily.Complete with a trailer, full canvas cover, 10hp 1957 Johnson (restored) and fuel tank, she is ready to go. $7000.00
Bandy Boats, Peterborough Canoe
Ready to go!
The Carolina Canoe is a special project....
Hull #5 is a 16.5 foot skiff that Bandy Boats is entering in a national design contest. It is a combination of old and new technology that will have aesthetic qualities of the old days, vintage outboard power with modern design and materials. Basically a modern interpretation of a runabout from the fifties. Good for light tackle fishing, water skiing, tubing and creek crawling. She is fast, sea worthy and extremely economical. 
Bandy Boats, Carolina Canoe
Juniper planking construction
In the water!
A classic Whaler restoration with a modern twist. We created a custom deck assembly to update a 1968 Boston Whaler and maintain the beneficial attributes of having weight forward. A lightweight, Yamaha 90 powers this boat and is considered by many, a perfect match for a 17 foot Whaler. This boat is wonderful in any sea conditions you would want to be out in and she is for sale. For more information, email rbandy@comcast.net
Whaler deconstruction
New deck fabrication
Whaler finished product
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