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Bandy 26 Hull #1

What makes Bandy Boats Different?

We start from a fresh sheet of paper. We listen to our client describe the perfect boating day. We establish a boating profile that outlines the needs and wants of the client. We begin the design process to individually address each boat. We create ergonomic harmony for each owner. We design the ride by evolving the running bottom individually. We rely on 30 plus years of competitive racing and offshore fishing in custom boats to create reliable, tested vessels. We design in house and protect our creations. None of our work is splashed, from old tooling or another designer’s file. We create a boat that is unique to you.

What makes Bandy Boats Better?

We use the best resins, knitted fabrics and coring materials in our hull construction. We share construction techniques with world class competitive boat builders and racers, both sail and power. Technology that is modern. Technology created for today’s concerns. Technology that will provide the most benefit from our limited fossil fuels.

What Makes Bandy Boats Faster?

The design process involves weight minimization and laminate optimization to create super strong, light weight structures. Hydrodynamics combined with Aerodynamics not only address the way the boat moves through the water, but also the way the boat moves through the air. Simple features in each boat take advantage of lift created as the boat moves forward. Taking advantage of lift can provide substantial fuel savings and speed increases.

What makes Bandy Boats Quieter?

The inherent acoustic insulation of a foam cored hull makes a very quiet boat. Water sounds are absorbed. Engine sounds are absorbed. Ride quality is enhanced as hull sounds are absorbed. The boat feels smoother in operation.

35 Express splitting the sea!

What makes Bandy Boats Safer?

Composite hulls actually have two skins, one inner and one outer. Studies actually show that single skin, solid glass hull bottoms are more easily holed and loose water-tight integrity faster than comparable composite bottoms when involved in groundings and collisions. The skins are separated by a very tenacious foam that has incredible bond strength when used with epoxy resin. A typical Bandy center console is constructed of approximately 300lbs. of closed-cell foam which has significant floatation and positive buoyancy actually built into the vessel.

What makes Bandy Boats Lighter?

Composite construction builds the lightest and strongest marine structures, period. Bandy Boats are on average 30 percent lighter than anything of comparable length without the use of exotic materials like Carbon fiber. Our Bandy 27 that utilizes Carbon fiber actually weighs 50 percent (1/2) of its nearest challenger.

What makes Bandy Boats Last Longer?

Closed cell coring does not absorb water. Epoxy resin is also the best osmotic barrier. Combine these characteristics with no wood construction and you have a boat for a lifetime.

What makes Bandy Boats More Comfortable?

Cored hulls have incredible thermal insulation along with many other inherent qualities. Sleeping in our cabins is like sleeping in a cooler. Smaller a/c units keep you cool. Smaller heat plants keep you warm. Smaller gensets do the whole job. Mildew in your bilges, lazarette and far away storage compartments are a thing of the past because condensation doesn’t form each day. Drink boxes and bait wells keep ice forever. Refrigerators and freezers don’t have to work as hard. Bathrooms (the head) feel more private. The boat in general, has a very solid feel.

What makes Bandy Boats More Efficient?

Efficiency is directly related to pounds per horsepower. Bandy Boats gives you the ability to determine your ride. You will always get superior performance with less horsepower in a BANDY BOAT.

35 Express
Our 35 foot express model weighs 13,000 lbs. full of fuel, tournament rigged with a tower and cruises 30 knots @ 74% load, sipping 22 gals per hour. We made canyon trips for two years, averaging 65 miles out, 65 back, trolling all day with an average daily fuel burn of 75 gallons,
in her 300 gal. tank.

27 Center Console Business End
Our 27 foot Carbon-enhanced center console with 350 Yamaha weighs 3400 lbs. full of fuel and cruises 50 mph at 4000 rpm. We’ve had her 68 mph and she’s a single. You can tow her with a half ton pickup… Think of going from Annapolis to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in 2 hrs. and 15 minutes on a nice day on 36 gallons of gas???????

At Bandy Boats we want people to see value in our product. We want to keep boating, fishing and cruising in this changing world we live in. We want to build a boat for your future. Give us a call or email and let us begin a design profile for you. The process is simple and our product surprisingly affordable.

Reid Bandy

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