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Our Antique Outboard Motor selection is increasing and we have several old Mercury and OMC's from the fifties (5.5 to 35hp) for sale. These are great small boat motors, especially for skiffs and Whalers. Many are set up for remote operation and several tillers. Buy one restored or buy one unfinished and do it yourself.
We also have several used motors in the "midsize" range (50 to 90 hp) for sale. All have been thoroughly evaluated mechanically, all are good runners and reasonably priced. We choose models and years that are known for reliabillity. We look for original motors, in exceptional condition and we buy good motors to start, not ones that have been blown up and rebuilt. We can install what we sell.
Stinger before Stinger after
Sea King before Sea King after
Mark 25 before Mark 25 after
Fat 50 before Fat 50 after
Evinrude before Evinrude after
25 Johnson before 25 Johnson after
1100ss before 1100ss after
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